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KliQuE Pics1
KliQuE PiCs2
ThE TeRRoRiZT KliQuE PaGe 2


Zach, Zach, Zach.... tsk tsk. HAHA just playen bro! This is another pic of ZaXoR... obviously hes on the run from authorities and doing a good job of evading them as he never loses contact and aint ever in a jail cell. Damn this kid must be FAST!!  This $10,000 bounty was put on his head by an entire street gang. Zach ran in, single handedly, nothing but a blunt in his hand... The next morning news paper called it "MASSACRE ON BARE STREET" The surviving 2 of the 9 gang members gave as good of description as they could with only one eye and pointed out this photo in a mugshot. They put this offer out but so far nobody has accepted the challenge.


O.k... This is the main orchestrator in most of ThE TeRRoRiZTs KLiQuE's attacks Including Las vegas in 03', Berkeley in 03', San fran in 01', Modesto in 2000, Turlock, manteca and Lodi in 99 and countless other criminal acts. He gets his notoriety from his military type tactics and stunning speed. He and 2 other members of ThE TeRRoRiZT KLiQuE broke into the smithsonian wearing ski masks and goggles and heaving tear gas and smoke grenades amongst the frightened crowd. The threesome toted Military grade weapons modified with laser beams and night vision scopes and stole hundreds of priceless artifacts in a matter of minutes. These were special forces tactics applied and taught by this man. The mastermind behind the movement, Bryan.... AKA ZyPHeR


When it comes down to it... the klique is nothing without one another. I appreciate my homeboiz to the extreme and I will sacrafice my life for yours if you trust me. This is Bryan ( ^  pictured above) ...AKA ZyPHeR, and I wanna say thanx 4 bein there 4 me mah pplz.

**voice fades out...** "Aight, Zach, i want u over there n Zypress comes in from the roof.. I wan-..."