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Welcome to ThE TeRRoRiZT KLiQuE !

We are a small group of up and coming rappers, freestylers, breakdancers, beatboxers, and graffiti artists looking to get our name out and heard. This site will contain various things from freestyle battles to cannabis growing guides to hilarious pictures and some of the wackest stuff you'll see on the net. Anything included is intended for the purpose of fun and to promote our group as a whole. We welcome and very much appreciate your support as we begin this site and I hope we get a lot of good people to pitch in ideas and help with things on here. Everyone is welcome and even encouraged to joinus, we havent set up any forums or member logins or anything as of yet since this is brand new, but we plan on it and I will do my best to keep you all entertained happy and informed on our status in the world. Welcome.

There are a few various ways to contact me if you need to, any info about the site or yourself is appreciated. thanks.

Yahoo ID: microphone_terrorizt_86420

Brood War ID: PaKeLiKa

email: , or Thanks.


Bryan Love  AKA  ZyPHeR **President, Chairman and C.E.O. of ThE TeRRoRiZT KLiQuE

To ThE PpL THaT HaVe ViZiTeD. ThNx FoR uR SuPPoRT!

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