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KliQuE Pics1
KliQuE PiCs2
PiCs oF ThE TeRRoRiZT KliQuE



ThiS is ZyPReSS... AKA... Well.... He doesnt really ever tell us his name. He got da bomb weed tho n this foo knows how ta hold it down and keep a party kickin. Known for his rippin freestyles, trusty AK47, downright blatent disregard for any authority figure, ZyPReSS is one of the most feared men in the music business today. Much about his life, likes and dislikes, and his name apparently are shrouded in mystery. Why is he the only guy without a pic of his face? O well... let ppl be themselves right? I will investigate further and tell you of the details when i emerge from his patented "Cavern of Darkness" 13 miles below the earths surface, past the crust. Weapon of choice: AK47 Galil Arm



Aight, this is ZaXoR... I know him as Zach. This crazy sword wielding man you see standing before you now is such a risk of national security, he has been called, "A Walking Timebomb... with goggles." by secretary of defense, Donald Rumsfeld. Zach is known to be in connection with numerous murders, money laundering schemes, an extreme number of arsons throughout the state of Virginia, and a rap sheet from mexico big enough to wipe a mountains asscrack with. If you think it stops there you are wrong. Over 35 other countries are now reporting run-ins with the now known "ZaXoR" with crimes ranging from aiding and abetting a known felon, armed robbery, embezzlement, inciting riots and hundreds of homicides across the globe. Weapon of choice: Glock 9MM



Now, onto another twisted individual. This is Z WReCKeR... He started out as a petty conman and thief as a youth, stealing peoples wallets by means of pickpocketing, or just good ole fashioned armed robbery. He moved up from there to breaking in peoples houses and stealing small things at first, then it got worse... He started pulling big hits, and started taking hostages to amke sure the robbery wasnt heard of until months after. What a wise kid... started saving his money he was "borrowing without asking" and soon made an investment in a toy company stock called TrZTtYz. After a small threat to the head of a major wall street paper, this stock shot way over what anyone would have expected and he cashed in right before the bubble burst. Dont understand? "Motherfucker, tell them this is the hottest stock now goddamnit or DIE!!" - Z WReCKER -  Now thats my way of negotiating. He used most of his money buying him and his group ThE TeRRoRiZT KliQuE their own island in the carribean and also buying this large military issue tank... DEFINATELY NOT YOUR STANDARD TANK AS YOU CAN SEE,  and an SRT4 which he modified with parts unimagineable to most car dealerships. This is their "limo" and the tank is for joyriding. He is the cash cow and the main $ supporter behind ThE TeRRoRiZT KliQuE.